Decontamination Training that goes even further

PUBLISHED BY: Martin Williams

ON: 23 August 2023

CATEGORY: Latest Legislation

Delivered at your place of work. Decon Solutions Ltd Decontamination Training is bespoke and unique. Using our 40 plus years of decontamination management experience across all healthcare decontamination services we provide and deliver the training you and your staff require.

Regulated and accredited by City & Guilds on an annual basis ensures that everything is up to date and current with the latest legislative, standards and guidance requirements.

Enjoyable, Interesting, collaborative and inclusive and, set at the appropriate levels for all decontamination professionals ensures that you get exactly what you want at all times.

Delegate feedback has been absolutely outstanding for the past 15 years. We continue to enjoy supporting you in your decontamination challenges, development and progress that ensures continuous compliance.

Our unique training programmes have been designed for all levels of staff in all decontamination specialities. From brand new members of staff, Apprentices, Nursing, Clinical, Infection Prevention & Control to organisational Decontamination Leads, Directors and Executive Directors.

We are also proud that Post training Support is always provided and is available through direct contact with the Decon Solutions Lead Trainer.