Decontamination Training so far in 2023

PUBLISHED BY: Martin Williams

ON: 15 March 2023

CATEGORY: Latest Legislation

It is a really busy time in the world of decontamination education and training.

Demand for our accredited decontamination training programmes has taken off this year.

It has been the busiest start to a year ever. So far in 2023 we have delivered our unique and unrivalled accredited decontamination training programmes to decontamination professionals in healthcare organisations, Endoscope and Sterile Services in the following hospitals and organisations –

  • Chichester Hospitals
  • Arrowe Park Hospital , Wiral
  • Gateshead Hospitals
  • Locala Healthcare facilities (West Yorkshire)
  • North West Endoscopy Training Academy
  • Northumbria Hospitals
  • Spire Hospital (Cambridge)
  • Spire Hospital (Wiral)

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