About Decon Solutions

Decon Solutions Ltd are a company committed to providing the healthcare market with solutions to any medical device decontamination problem.

The Team

Martin Williams M.IDSc (Chtd) – Director

Independent Decontamination Consultant and Lead Trainer for all of the Decon Solutions Ltd & City Guilds Accredited Decontamination Training Programs.

Martin now has 40 years experience of working within the decontamination of reusable medical devices field; having gained 27 years of that experience employed with and working for the NHS. He has worked as a Group Decontamination Lead for the largest group (NHS Trust) in Europe, Sterile Services Manager in Sterile Services Departments in various parts of the UK for major NHS Teaching Trusts together with, more senior positions as Head of Decontamination and Trust Decontamination Lead.

Martin has enjoyed major personal and professional success within this field by becoming the National Chairman of the Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc) between 2005 – 2008; he has also held the position of Immediate Past Chairman for the period 2008-2009. Prior to holding the position of IDSc National Chairman, Martin was also the Editor of The IDSc Journal, a quarterly publication from the IDSc. Martin held this position for a 3 year period between 2002-2005. Martin also coordinated on behalf of the IDSc their successful recognition of the Investors in People Standard (IIP) in 2006. In 2007 this was successfully retained. Martin contributed and supported the IDSc National Chairman to coordinate a further IIP Assessment when a an audit against the IIP Standards was held and successfully retained for a 3rd time in November 2010.

In 2008, Martin helped to create a new decontamination management consultancy company (Decon Solutions Ltd) in partnership with Karen Morris, who has many years experience of working within the healthcare decontamination field (Environments, Surfaces, Medical Devices & Hand Hygiene / Decontamination). Decon Solutions Ltd, offer decontamination services – management, monitoring, training, systems and importantly solutions to the healthcare market across the UK and beyond. The company is based in Wetherby, North Yorkshire and contracts are now spread throughout various parts of the UK. “There isn’t anywhere within the UK, Europe or indeed the world where Decon Solutions Ltd cannot work”.

During the COVID19 Pandemic years between 2020 and early 2023, Martin decided to go back into direct employment with Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust (the largest Healthcare Trust in Europe) as the Group Decontamination Lead for the whole organisation.  In 2023 he returned to direct employment with Decon Solutions Ltd and resumed work as the Lead Trainer for the organisation.

Some examples of appropriate qualifications held, that allow Decon Solutions to offer, design and manage the products, services and systems they supply are:

  • Membership of the IDSc since 1997.
  • Chartered Membership (Chtd) of the IDSc since 2014.
  • Member of the Central Sterilizing Club (CSC)
  • Associate Membership of the Infection Prevention Society-IPS.
  • Prince2 Registered Practitioner.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management Studies (University of Sunderland).
  • NVQ A1& A2 Assessors Qualification.
  • Internal Quality Management System Auditor – ISO 9001:2015 (NQA).
  • Flexible Endoscope Decontamination Management (Eastwood Park – City & Guilds).
  • The Use, Testing and Maintenance of Sterilizers (Eastwood Park – City and Guilds).
  • National Decontamination Training Programme.
  • Certificate in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS) – (May 2010).
  • Martin has also had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of travel and to further his own professional education and knowledge. As such, he has presented and lectured on many aspects and subjects of decontamination across the world at international conferences, training programmes and seminars. Some of those international events are listed below: –
  • Harrogate, UK – Association for Perioperative Practice (A.F.P.P) National Conference 2008.
  • London, UK – Association of British Healthcare Industries (A.B.H.I.) National Decontamination Conference 2004.
  • Malaysian Sterile Services Association Conferences – 2004, 2005, 2007,2011,2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Houston, Texas -USA Medical Devices Seminar – 2007.
  • Tours, France – European Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (E.A.M.D.R) European Seminar.
  • Spanish Sterile Services Conferences – Zaragoza 2006 & Cordoba 2008.
  • Berlin, Germany – E.A.M.D.R – European Seminar – 2006.
  • Glenelg, Adelaide – Australian National Conference (S.R.A.C.A.) – 2003.
  • Wellington, New Zealand Sterile Services Association Conference- 2009.
  • In January 2010, Martin represented Decon Solutions Ltd by contributing to the making of a TV documentary and was subsequently interviewed by NHS247 TV. Decon Solutions Ltd took part in the TV Documentary “Effective Decontamination” within Healthcare. The documentary was broadcast in June 2010 on NHS247 TV and across the Sky TV and Freesat BBC & ITV networks.
  • Auckland, New Zealand Sterile Sciences Association (NZSSA) Conference 2016.

Karen Morris – Decon Solutions Ltd Managing Director

Decontamination Consultant, Direct Sales and Customer Liaison.

Karen has 27 years of experience of working within the healthcare decontamination products and services specialities. Karen’s experience covers the use of, the supply of, the knowledge of, and the selling / direct sales of decontamination products i.e. detergents / chemicals for the decontamination of reusable medical devices in Sterile Services and Endoscopy Departments, Out Patient Departments, Podiatry Services, Dental Services, Health Centres and GP Practices community services. Karen’s experience also covers the specialities of Environmental, Surface Decontamination and Hand Hygiene Decontamination practices. Karen specialises in working directly with customers i.e. Directors and Senior Managers, Infection Prevention and Control Practitioners and, Decontamination Leads / Managers and Staff.

Karen also has direct experience and qualifications within the following specialist fields:

  • The International Export Market.
  • The Carriage of Dangerous Goods.
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.
  • Over the past 15 years, Karen has led Decon Solutions Ltd to its current successful position within the market place.
  • Associate Membership of the Infection Prevention Society-IPS.
  • Member of the Central Sterilizing Club (CSC)
  • Accredited Decontamination Training Programs
  • Working / liaising directly with various accreditation bodies.