Decontamination Mentoring

Are you looking for support, advice, help, assistance or just someone to talk to in respect to your decontamination career development
Decon Solutions Ltd have over 45 years of experience working at all levels and within all subject matter of the decontamination of medical device speciality.

Gain insights from world-renowned Decontamination Consultants

Our well respected, trusted and world-renowned Decontamination Consultants understand through many years of experience the challenges and complexities of today’s decontamination management requirements.  Working with both large and small healthcare organisations and providers we also have an understanding of what these organisations demand and expect from all of us as Decontamination Managers and Professionals. 

Mentoring For all levels

For anyone who needs support, advice, help, assistance or just someone to talk to in respect of your decontamination career development then please consider Decon Solutions Ltd after all, we all need help and should never be afraid to ask for it.

Mentors very often have their own mentors, and in turn, it’s a chain for ‘passing on’ good practice so that the benefits can be widely spread.

Mentoring can be a short-term arrangement until the original reason for the partnership is fulfilled.  This arrangement can also last for many years.

“Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers. Mentors need to be readily accessible and prepared to offer help as the need arises.

Mentoring is more than just giving advice or passing on what certain experiences were in particular areas or situations. It’s about motivating and empowering the other person to identify their own issues, strengths and goals, and helping them to find ways of resolving or reaching them – not by doing it for them, or expecting them to ‘do it the way I did it’, but by understanding and respecting different ways of working.”