Managers Flexible Endoscope Decontamination Training Programme – JAG Approved

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Endoscopists | Nurses | Practice Nurses (NHS) | Practice Nurses (Private Sector) |

This course is intended for Managers and Personnel who are responsible for the Endoscope Decontamination Process, ensuring regulatory compliance in line with current guidelines. It also takes an in depth study of the requirements of the Jag audit process, and will equip you with the knowledge and skills to meet the standards required for JAG Accreditation with confidence. It covers all aspects of the process, practical, theoretical and associated issues such as water sampling, independent monitoring and more. The course is updated in line with changes in guidelines and regulations as they happen, to remain a current and valuable resource for all Endoscope Decontamination Managers.”

Ref: Joint Advisory Group (J.A.G)

The compliance requirements of Endoscopy Decontamination Services, it covers all aspects of up to date decontamination systems and processes together with the specific mandatory compliance details. The training programme is intended for all those involved with managing and practicing the decontamination of flexible endoscopes. The programme allows all participants to have in-depth knowledge and understanding about their impact and contribution to patient safety and the mandatory compliance requirements of the departments and services they work in.